With a complete line of horse feed, supplements and care products available in more than 50 countries, Cavalor is respected as a world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses.  When Cavalor launched a North American subsidiary in 2009, it retained Classic Communications to assist with the launch and build brand identity and recognition in the U.S. and Canada.  Classic’s efforts helped establish the company in these markets where it now has a devoted following.

For over a decade, EquiFit, inc. has been delivering innovative products to top equine athletes. By pairing horse-world expertise with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, EquiFit offers invaluable products for athletes at all levels. Classic helps EquiFit with strategic planning and coordinates the company’s media relations efforts and its equestrian event sponsorship and marketing campaigns.

Classic Communications works with Sport Innovations LLC to help market its line of unique horse products that includes magnetic and massage blankets and boots, and Rainbow horse solariums, all of which increase the performance of sport horses.  Classic’s campaign has helped introduce the line of products to the company’s target audience and has had a direct impact on sales.

When the renowned maker of custom shoes and riding boots was set to launch its new line of accessories, it turned to Classic Communications. Classic developed and implemented a publicity campaign that successfully launched Der-Dau’s new product line of handbags and belts with widespread coverage in equestrian and mainstream media. Classic was also retained to market the launch of Der-Dau’s revolutionary new “Dream Boot” in 2012.

The UltrOZ wearable ultrasonic therapy system for the treatment of sport horses has changed the way ultrasounds are delivered to horses. UltrOZ has eliminated the risk of thermal damage and created a safe and easy way for horse owners and trainers to treat mild injuries and inflammation, plus injuries that require months of rehabilitation. Classic Communications assists UltrOZ with media publicity and advertising, horse show sponsorships and developing marketing materials.

Petthrive is the pioneer in canine Resveratrol therapy. Petthrive helps dogs walk and run more comfortably as they age, improving energy and stamina levels in senior dogs, keeping your best friend as active and playful as a puppy. Classic Communications assists Petthrive with media publicity and advertising, electronic communications and developing marketing materials.

commercial clients

Classic’s skills and expertise can benefit any type of business or organization. Over the years, Classic has developed and implemented conventional and non-traditional campaigns on behalf of a variety of interests including clients in business, entertainment, politics and sports as well as a variety of non-profit organizations.

Present and past clients include:

Rood & Riddle has been a well-known leader in equine healthcare since 1982 and is known today as one of the top practices for groundbreaking and effective equine treatments. With an ever-expanding reputation, Rood and Riddle is proud to offer facilities in both Saratoga Springs, New York and Wellington, Florida as well as their original Lexington, Kentucky facility. Classic Communications assists Rood & Riddle with a variety of public relations services.

Jim Dratfield’s Petography has provided animal lovers with timeless and breathtaking photos of their pets ever since it was established in 1993. Dratfield’s unique photography skills have attracted celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Henry Kissinger, Elton John and Barbara Walters as clients.  Classic helps promote Petography through direct marketing to customers, advertising, media publicity and social media.  Classic also facilitates vendor presence at several high level horse shows as well as an on-site presence at several social events.

When Mushroom Matrix was looking to rebrand its line of nutritional supplements for high-performance and other horses, it retained Classic Communications to implement a public relations and marketing campaign in the U.S. equestrian market.  Classic helped build awareness and identity for the line of organic, natural supplements, rebranded as Equine Matrix.

TRM is Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of Nutritional Feeds Supplements and General Healthcare products for horses. It is located in the Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

TRM's mission is to maximize horse's athletic performance by targeting their specific nutritional and hygienic needs. They are an industry leader in the research, manufacture and distribution of Equine Feed Supplements.

Because of its expertise in the equine world, Classic was retained by SmartPak to write press releases and help inform and educate SmartPak's target audiences in the horse world about the company’s various product lines including its groundbreaking line of nutritional supplements and patented SmartPak supplement feeding system.

Classic Communications coordinates all marketing and public relations activities for Horsepower Technologies™,  a Massachusetts-based healthcare and technology company dedicated to combating equine lameness through products that reduce its incidence, speed rehabilitation times, and optimize functional outcomes associated with lameness. Their ground-breaking product, FastTrack™, the world's first rehabilitative orthotic device for horses, was launched at the 2017 AAEP convention.

Vitafloor is the original inventors of equine vibration therapy. Vitafloor’s heavily researched products are veterinarian recommended to provide an incomparable non-invasive solution for training, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Classic Communications assists Vitafloor with media publicity and advertising, horse show sponsorships, coordinating special events, developing marketing materials, electronic communications and managing their social media.


Equithrive® is the pioneer in equine Resveratrol therapy. Equithrive® Joint is the only clinically proven oral supplement that address conditions caused by excessive or chronic inflammation, including Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), laminitis and arthritis. Classic Communications assists Equithrive with media publicity and advertising, horse show sponsorships, coordinating special events, electronic communications and developing marketing materials.

Morgan Sports Law is a boutique law firm devoted to sports arbitration and litigation. The firm, based in London, England, represents clients before national and international sports governing bodies and before domestic and international courts such as the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Lisa Lazarus, former General Counsel of the Féderation Equestre Internationale (FEI), has joined the international sports law firm, Morgan Sports Law, as the head of its newly established Equestrian Division.

InkStables is a premiere fashion-forward printed hosiery company that does their our own manufacturing in-house. Their products are highly recognized within the equestrian world, as their printed products are designed by equestrians for equestrians. Classic Communications assists Ink Stables with media publicity and advertising, electronic communications and developing marketing materials.

For over 15 years Timeless Antiques, Watch and Jewelry Co. of Brockton, Mass. has been the premier South Shore location for expert watch restoration, custom jewelry design and estate liquidation. Classic has generated valuable media publicity and promotion for Timeless, which houses an impressive collection of original artwork, modern/mid-century antiques and jewelry, and which hosts a variety of social and business events.

​​To maximize the impact of its on-site presence at major equestrian events in the U.S. such as the Hampton Classic, Kentucky Three-Day Event and FEI World Equestrian Games, Dubarry of Ireland relied on Classic for media publicity. Classic’s efforts led to extensive coverage in both equestrian and local media helping to drive traffic to its booth at these and other events.

Wellington Properties offers luxury homes and barns for rent or purchase in the equestrian mecca Wellington, Florida. Classic assists Wellington Properties with publicity, advertising and social media.